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Q-Lat 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Janne Kivilahti



Copyright 2002, Piste Games

Q-Lat 2 is a great arcade game with a unique premise. Borrowing elements from billiards, pinball, and a little Marble Madness, the game’s objective is to make all the balls explode by turning them all to the same color. You do this by bouncing your ball at other balls, much like a game of billiard or pool.

What makes the game a lot more fun than this simple goal suggests is the variety of balls and their bahavior. For example, larger balls are harder to move, metal balls are more difficult to change color, and balls with faces move by themselves randomly around the screen, making your job much more difficult. You can also collect various power-ups, and change the difficulty level if you find the game too hard or too easy (more likely the former case). Overall, Q-Lat2 is a fun and unique game that, as the author claims, requires “good aiming, fast reflexes, quick thinking, and a lot of plain good luck” to succeed. A Top Dog.

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