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Queen of Heart ’98

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, Anonymous

One of the most obscure fighting games ever made, Queen of Heart ’98 is an anime fighting games that feature female fighters only. Based on popular Japanese anime series To Heart, Queen of Heart ’98 is not a “Hentai” (i.e. mature) game, however, as the fighters are presented in “SD” (short, stumpy head) cutesy style, so you can hardly expect them to have any –ahem– sexual appeal ;)

The game is standard fighting fare: select a character, then it’s off to the arena. Two-player mode is possible, but the controls are much more cumbersome than in single-player mode. Animations are not as good as other games (e.g. Street Fighter) in the genre, but the fun in Queen of Hearts lies in executing numerous fun attacks, and watch the opponents react. Overall, a great game that action fans will find enjoyable, and the game’s humor makes it a nice change from typical blood-and-gore in the genre. Your graphics card may not be compatible with the game, though.

Some comments from Davide Mascolo, contributor of this game (thanks!): “The game in the zipfile is missing the WAV soundtrack and some sound effects, and maybe an external config program: I can’t explain, otherwise, why it’s playable only by keyboard, with a layout of controls not problematic for a single player, but terrible when a friend joins (your hands will become one!). And, worse, the game seems not to sustain all the key presses, so you can often hear an error bleep. I and a friend of mine played many and many times despite this problems, but they’re annoying and it’s a shame that a so stupid problem partially cripples the fun of a Versus fight. Another flaw of the game are the backgrounds IMHO. They’re only three, and
very shabby. Characters, instead, are small but very, very nice. Aside from this problems, I think the game still deserves a Top Dog, but maybe only for single player mode.

Note: To select the hidden characters, just move the select box left of Akari and Multi, or right of Aoi and Ayaka, and there they are!”

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