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Quest for Glory 4 1/2: So You Thought You Were a Hero?

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Unknown

Warning: This game contains some racial slurs and other potentially offensive scenes. Although I recognize that the authors probably meant to be funny, they didn’t really handle the nuances so well, so a lot of it comes across like “bad” jokes that may offend you. Be prepared for some sophomoric humor when you play this game — caveat emptor. – Underdogs.

All is not well in the valley of Spielburg. Elsa has disappeared (again) and the sheriff has been murdered. The rest of the valley is in chaos and the influx of heroes has done little to calm the valley. Your job is not done. It’s time to go back to Spielburg…

That is the premise of the “new” Quest for Glory, a legendary series that created a new hybrid and managed to combine RPG and Adventure in one kind that could satisfy the fans of both genres. Those of you who have played the games of the series before (apart from the 5th of the series) you will feel at home from the first moment. The people are there, the places and the witty dialogues are there. The game is basicly a parody of the first game of the series. A lot of good humor, satire of the situations that the player found himself in, in the original games. Probably the new players that never had the chance to play a Quest for Glory game before, will feel kindda funny but they will get in to it quite fast and will enjoy the beautiful world that the fans of the original game recreated.

QFG 4 1/2 is a DOS game (playable in Windows 95/98/2000) and supports 3 different resolutions. Beautiful handmade graphics will make you feel nostalgic about those days that a good designer with vivid imagination was enough to create a game that rocks. The game was created using Adventure Game Studio and uses the same interface with the latest Sierra adventures. You will find yourself enjoying this game regardless of your previous experience with Adventures and RPGs as long as the designers have managed to distribute the action evenly. Be aware though that as the makers say in their web page: This game is rated R for strong language, extreme violence, sexual situations and other things that Sierra didn’t have the balls to do. :) So have fun and if you find any of the previous of the series do not miss them!

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