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Radias for Windows 95

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Anonymous

Galax and Radias for Windows 95 are two fun shooters from Japan’s prolific freeware gaming ‘scene.’ Galax is a vertical shooter that boasts crisp anime-style graphics and fun power-ups, while Radias for Windows 95 is a competent fanmade remake of a 2D side-scroller of the same name which was made for NEC’s PC-9801 computer way back in 1994. Both games boast big levels, smooth graphics, nonstop waves of assorted enemy ships, and a good diversity of weapons you can pick up. One gripe I have with both games is that designs of ‘boss’ monsters are a bit too unimaginative: they don’t vary that much from level to level. If you like anime-style shooters, they are both well worth your time, although they may prove too difficult if you don’t consider yourself an expert in action games. The graphics in Radias looks a bit dated, but that is due to the author’s intention to make the game as authentic as the original. Two thumbs up for both!

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