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Copyright 1999, Jukka J?k?l?

One of the best rally games ever made, Rally-Sport is a great 3D rally game with excellent vector graphics. The game is very accessible, with smooth graphics, great controls, and a ton of cars and options to choose from. You can drive on 3 different track types (ice, sand, and gravel), choose to race during the day or night, scare onlookers away by driving off the track [EG], and of course beat your opponents to the finish line. The game includes many realistic touches, from dangerous-looking collisions and beyond.

You can practice before a race, either by yourself or against an opponent. This registered version includes an excellent level editor, as well as split-screen support for 2-player hotseat. The physics are reasonably realistic, and computer-controlled cars provide decent challenge especially on difficult levels. My only gripe with the game is that it is a little bit too silent – a louder crowd and rocking music tracks would be a welcome addition. Still, these are minor gripes compared to what Rally-Sport has to offer: addictive rally action that fans of the sport will be hard pressed to complain about. Highly recommended!

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