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Ranchan Cat

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Nozomi Matsuzaka & Yuka Higashiiwai



Copyright 1998, Nozomi Matsuzaka & Yuka Higashiiwai

Another fun and quite unique time waster from Japan. In Ranchan Cat, you are a cat named Ranchan (duh), who needs to get to the end of each level (to satisfy his feline urges for … something). He does this by collecting fish, prizes, and most importantly a key that unlocks the next level.

There are several things that set Ranchan Cat apart from other platformers. First of all, there is no enemies per se — you just need to watch out for gray breaks in the grounds which you must jump over. You can also jump for various prizes to get points, and to get the key. Speaking of jumping, the way you make a jump is another –and *most*– unique feature of the game. Instead of hitting the UP arrow or SPACEBAR as in most games, in Ranchan Cat you use the mouse cursor to pick an angle to jump. You must then hold the mouse button down and wiggle it to vary the jump distance. This procedure is not dissimilar to, say, manipulating the swing meter in most golf games, and makes for a fun challenge. If you enjoy fun, cutesy-looking platformers with some innovation to boot, Ranchan Cat more than fits the criteria. Two thumbs up!

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