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Copyright 1996, Taito

RayForce (released as Layer Section outside Asia) is an excellent vertical shooter that began an series that would spawn RayStorm and RayCrisis. The game is a 2D shooter with excellent scaling and animation effects, including the nice camera-panning action as you move your ship to left and right.

This PC version is a faithful conversion of the arcade blockbuster, with all the fun and graphical pizzazz intact. Your ship’s main laser gun has 6 levels of power, and can ‘lock on’ up to 8 targets at a time. The more lock-ons you manage to do before blasting enemies, the more points you will earn. There are 7 levels of blasting mayhem, both in space and inside the Earth’s atmosphere. SHMUP veterans may find this game a bit easier than average, thanks to generous bonuses and power-up ships that appear from time to time to repair your ship. All in all, though, RayForce looks good and plays great – a wonderful start to a fun series that get much tougher later on.

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