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Copyright 1996, Gremlin

Re-Loaded is a fun top-down action game from Gremlin, published by Interplay. The game is a slightly inferior sequel to Loaded, a reasonably successful Playstation game that was never ported to the PC. The original Re-Loaded on the Playstation achieved moderate success, but this PC conversion is very little known. Which is unfortunate, because it is quite a fun game that combines furious action with some neat puzzles.

The game takes place where Loaded left off. After escaping from the prison, the six anti-heroes from Loaded — Loaded, Mamma, Bounca, Butch, Cap’n'hands, Sister Magpie, and The Consumer — vow to wreck revenge on the evil C.H.E.B. They do this, naturally, by destroying almost everything that moves in the six levels that stand between them and C.H.E.B.’s world domination scheme.

If you find excessive gore and violence offensive, stay away from this game. As in the original (but less so than Blood or Postal), Re-Loaded is full of massive explosions and flying body parts that come with the shooting and blowing things up. Each of the 6 characters you control has his/her own favorite weapons, although they are not really that different from one another. There are some interesting physical puzzles in the game, but they are generally on the easy side. As in Loaded, the game is much more fun when you play with a friend. You can turn the “Friendly Fire” option on, if you want to be able to shoot your friends into pieces. Another nice feature is the thorough statistical analysis of your performance, presented at the end of each level. If your accuracy is good enough or if you have killed enough, your special powers/attacks will receive a boost. On the downside, you will be penalized for being ‘too soft’ – not wrecking enough carnage. With a wacky sense of humor, nonstop action, and a fun multiplayer mode, Re-Loaded should appeal to anyone who likes Gauntlet but wants it to be bloodier. Recommended, although not a Top Dog.

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