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Real Genius

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, Pro One

Real Genius from Pro One is a decent compilation of 20 puzzle games, most of which are family word games we are all familiar with – games such as cryptograms, scrabble, and word builder. Although the games are by no means original mindbenders of Smart Games caliber (a Hall of Belated Fame inductee of which you can read my review on this site), you cannot fault Real Genius in the bang-for-your-buck department. For the budget price of less than $15, you get over 250 levels spanning across dozens of games, from math sliders to word sliders, jigsaw swaps, peg games, a fun “Simon Says” variant, cryptograms, math sequences, polyominos, card trouble, hex path (my favorite of the bunch), and many more. You can save your high scores and current progress in all the games, and the mouse-driven interface is easy to use. If you enjoy puzzle or word games, the sheer number of games in Real Genius guarantees that you will find at least something you like. Just don’t expect Mensa-quality puzzles or the creativity of Smart Games series. Recommended for puzzle lovers, but not a Top Dog by a long shot.

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