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Realm of the Paladin: Deception’s Plague

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Cavalier Software


Copyright 1995, McLeod Software

Realm of the Paladin is a lackluster top-down RPG created by Cavalier Software and published by Micro League. Although well-informed gamers know that graphics do not guarantee a good game, they should complain when a game has such grainy EGA graphics in 1995 – a time when VGA had already been industry norm for over 4 years, and SVGA was taking off as “the next big thing” in game graphics. The graphics in Realm of the Paladin is not only grainy: the resolution is so poor that you will sometimes have trouble distinguishing buildings (most of which you can enter) from the scenery. The plot is your typical “hero ventures forth from his hometown to kill big foozle” variety, and there is not much to keep it above the banal level. On the plus side, combat is few and far between in the game, so you can spend more time exploring the land and talking to various denizens. But since the land is not interesting enough to begin with, you will find yourself stop playing this Real Dog and return to the classics instead.

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