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Reaping the Dungeon

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, Ron Heuse

Reaping the Dungeon (now called Dungeon Rogue) is a shareware sci-fi Roguelike RPG – a rare kind of games in a genre where fantasy/D&D motif is much more common. In addition to being a pretty good shareware game, Reaping the Dungeon manages to offer that rare quality in epic Roguelikes: a well-balanced gameplay. The game generate the levels randomly each time you play, so it is never the same game twice. What is remarkable is the fact that each randomly created level always offers a good challenge, but is never overly frustrating.

Similar to other Roguelikes, Reaping the Dungeon is set in a dark dungeon. There are many strange gadgets for you to pick up, nasties to kill, and weapons to buy from shops. The sci-fi focus is deeper than simply changing names of fantasy items: while exploring, you must watch your oxygen levels, as well as collect various exotic plants. Although graphics is not important in a Roguelike at all (only inasmuch as the @ and # characters show up properly, I suppose), the graphics in Reaping the Dungeon deserves mention as being quite unique: it uses “enhanced” set of ASCII characters, which make them look better than standard ASCII without losing the charm of all-text games. If you like Roguelikes in general, Reaping the Dungeon offers a deep, randomized, and satisfying gameplay that is well worth the $16 asking price of the full version. Two thumbs up, way up!

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