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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Kathleen Fischer



Copyright 2003, Kathleen Fischer

Redemption is a worthy winner of the “Best of Portrait” award in the 2003 IF Art Show, an annual IF competition set up to encourage games that focus on player’s experience and interactivity rather than on posing difficult puzzles. The story casts you as one Sir Garron, a nobleman who has been imprisoned by a Medieval bigshot (although we are never really told who he is) named Marcus. As the game begins, a friar has come to discuss with you about your actions and options.

Similar to Emily Short’s Galatea (“Best of Show” winner in the 2001 IF Art Show), Redemption is a conversation-driven game that uses dialog to unravel a mystery. Also similar to Galatea, Redemption‘s strongest point is the writing. The conversation is always engaging, and the plot is expertly revealed through dialog trees. Redemption uses a hybrid of the conventional ASK/TELL system and a more simplified version of Emily Short’s menu-based system, i.e. you are given a list of topics to talk about rather than actual quotes, and the result is effective and versatile.

With excellent writing, engaging characters, and a neat conversation system, Redemption is a must-play for anyone who loves conversation-themed games like Best in Three and Galatea. The game’s numerous endings will also draw you in for replays, although there is really only one ending that feels ‘right.’ Two thumbs up!

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