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Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen, The

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GAME PUBLISHER:Red Orb Entertainment

Copyright 1999, Arxel Tribe

Arxel Tribe serves up an interesting, albeit loose adaptation of Wagner’s famous opera “The Ring Cycle” which in turn was based on the Legend of the Nibelungen. The game is set a few thousand years into the future. You play the role of Ish, son of Mother Earth. Your destiny is to bring peace to the universe by visiting the four regions of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Air and reassemble the lost elements to create the Ring.

The Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen is chock full of stunning (although somewhat sexist) graphics. The stunning soundtrack features excerpts from Sir Georg Solti’s recording of Wagner’s “The Ring Cycle.” While the sci-fi setting of the game seems a bit out of reach, it actually adds an extra depth to the story and characters. On the downside, The Ring is extremely Myst-like and full of ludicrous puzzles. Fortunately, the manual features a complete walkthrough for the game. Nonetheless, the philosophical and obscure opening and closing cutscenes will leave you guessing as to their meaning.

If you can put all the negatives aside and play The Ring with an open mind, it offers a strange and rewarding experience.

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