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Copyright 1994, Wizard Games

Billed as “a comedy adventure game that is never the same twice,” Rockstar is in fact a fun, and very unique, all-text strategy game from Wizard Games. You play an aspiring rock star who just put together a band. Your goal, naturally, is to be a star, to top the single and album charts, and popularity polls worldwide. Success requires that you work hard, tour extensively, spend a lot of time and money in recording and video studios to churn out popular songs, do radio and television sessions and interviews, and generally plan a campaign for world domination.

The game is all-text, meaning that you won’t see music videos of your songs or listen to how they sound (that would have been a nice addition). You typically will see a screen of options, with the current top-hits chart updating in real-time on the right side of the screen, similar to ticker tape in a stock market. The charts are the best indication of how your band is doing, and whether you can afford some time off for that long-deserved holidays in the sun or (more realistically) pot sessions with fellow groupies. You must not overdo it, of course, or you will end up in the hospital or even dead! Luckily your manager, Dodgy Sam, your band, and your friends are always there to give you loving advice (although they sound a tad repetitive after a while).

With a unique and exciting premise, fun gameplay, and overall atmosphere, Rockstar is a great game for fans of strategy or simulation genres who want something a little different. Don’t expect the game to be realistic, though– there are enough random elements (perhaps reflecting the fans’ whimsical nature, or unpredictable music trends) that you can’t ever tell how to repeat that #1 hit again (much like music business in real life, I suppose). Highly recommended, especially for that rebellious streak in all of us ;)

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