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Rosemary West’s House of Fortunes

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Rosemary West & Roger Pedersen



Copyright 1993, Villa Crespo

One of Villa Crespo’s most unknown games, Rosemary West’s House of Fortunes is a good fortune teller program for DOS that packs a lot of options into a few floppy disks. The ‘game’ contains 4 traditional divining methods to deliver predictions based on your birthdate: astrology, I Ching, Tarot cards, and numerology. Even though I have very little interest in fortune telling, I couldn’t help but appreciate the amount of time, effort, and research that apparently went into the creation of this neat little program. The graphics are attractive (in hi-res VGA, a mode that is not seen in many games), the predictions are detailed and can be printed if you would like to keep a hard copy, and the mouse-based interface is very easy to use.

If you have only a passing interest in various fortune telling disciplines, give this obscure underdog a try. Even if you are a skeptic like me, you will find the depth and breadth of its features both interesting and fun. And yes, I’m aware that fortune telling is not exactly “educational” – but I have decided to put this in the education genre anyway, considering the interesting subject matter :)

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