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Royal Flush Pinball

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1994, Amtex

Last in Amtex underrated line of pinball games that began with Tristan Pinball and followed by Eight Ball Deluxe, Royal Flush Pinball is based on a famous real-life electro-mechanical pinball table of the same name designed by Ed Krynski at D. Gottlieb & Co. One of the finest pinball poker tables ever made, the goal of Royal Flush is to try to make five card combinations by targeting nine drop targets, three spot targets, nine bonus rollover lanes and a bonus kick-out saucer.

As with Amtex previous pinball games, Royal Flush Pinball is designed with fans of real-life pinball in mind. You can choose a display mode, and the game looks crisp in 800×600 SVGA, although in that mode the table is stationary (no scrolling). The game includes Back Box adjustments, including incline, power levels, number of balls and replay thresholds. Overall, if you love realistic pinball games based on actual tables, Royal Flush Pinball is a great addition to your collection. If you enjoy the frantic, smooth action of Epic Pinball or Pinball Dreams, however, this is a safe miss.

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