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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, Kalisto

Decent puzzle game by Atreid Concept (Kalisto), S.C. Out is a Chip’s Challenge – style game that features an option to create and play your own levels. The premise is simple: navigate your ship on a 2D board to the exit. On the way, you will need to collect keys, toggle switches, and deal with obstacles such as one-way arrows and more. Unfortunately, Chip’s Challenge does it better, and with much more ingenious level design than S.C. Out. Fortunately, the game’s level editor tool is versatile and easy to use, so you can make up for the game’s lack of challenge by creating your own levels. Anyone who’s interested in the editor should take a look, but die-hard puzzle fans should pass on this lackluster underdog.

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