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Sexy Droids

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Winfred Stappert



Copyright 1992, Magic Bytes

Decent conversion of Magic Bytes’ Amiga game of the same name, Sexy Droids is a very simple jigsaw variant that’s downright boring. Two players, one of which could be the computer, take turns opening tiles on a grid to uncover a picture underneath. Each tile has a number on it, representing the number of points you can win. The objective is to accumulate more points than your opponent before the picture is fully uncovered or unscrambled at harder difficulty level. Perhaps the game’s biggest appeal is the number of scantily-clad androids that are the subject of pictures underneath the tiles. But then again, you’ll wonder why Magic Bytes didn’t just use human models to get *cough* the appropriate effect on male audience. Perhaps they were trying to distance themselves from the likes of Strip Poker? Whatever the reason, Sexy Droids is a thoroughly uninteresting, average puzzle games that everyone can afford to miss.

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