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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Ronald Weeserik & Leandro Correia



Copyright 2005, Leandro Correia

Skooter is a fun freeware remake of an oldie puzzle game for the MSX computer. In the author’s words, “[this] remake was made in the most possible faithful way, with slighly modified graphics. The objective of this game is simple: control your Skooter robot and get the four screen items to complete each one of the sixteen levels that compose the game. To play Skooter, use arrows and space (joystick also supported). Space destroy green blocks. Red blocks cannot be destroyed. Arrow blocks move by themselves. Diamond blocks can be pushed. Blue arrows push items (only when they are not blocked).”

Skooter is reminiscent of Epyx’s classic Chip’s Challenge, although it is shorter and not nearly as challenging. It is still a lot of fun, though, especially since most levels are designed cleverly enough to make you think of the right ‘order’ of moves to finish each level. The limited number of objects and obstacles also make the challenge more focused and the game easier to learn than most puzzlers. Recommended to fans of turn-based, third-person brainteasers.

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