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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2003, TRRN

UFP and SLD are two fun little arcade games from Japan from the same author. UFP is a cool shooter that lets you fly a paper airplane and shoots at balloons and other paper airplanes for points. The game mechanics is as simple as it gets: use your mouse to move the paper airplane around, and press the left mouse button to shoot. You have to dodge the bullets as well as balloons that float up from the bottom of the screen. In SLD, you control a moving arrow, and your goal is to collect all the prerequisite objects on each level without falling off the board. On higher levels, you need to avoid monsters and other obstacles as well. The highlight of both games is smooth mouse-based gameplay, and the fact that they play very well in a window makes them ideal time wasters during coffee breaks. As a shooter UFP is more repetitive than SLD, but it is a good kind of repetitive – the kind that makes simple games like Robotron so addictive. Recommended!

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