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Slicks ‘n’ Slide

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Timo Kauppinen



Copyright 2001, Timo Kauppinen

Definitely one of the best racing games ever made, bar none, Slicks n Slide is a living proof that games dont have to be 3D accelerated or take up 640MB of space to be addictive and fun. It also proves that gamers dont even need the marketing muscles of big companies to grab gamers attention. First released in 1994 as shareware, the game has gone through numerous updates throughout the years, thanks to the commitment of designer Timo Kauppinen. Jeff Kang of Games Domain sums up what makes the game tick in his thorough review of this underdog:

” …With engaging gameplay and colourful, cartoon graphics, this shareware title manages to race in the same lap as commercial counterpart Death Rally from Apogee Software.

Up to four players can race in everything from motorbikes to futuristic saucers on dozens of race tracks. Players control their vehicles from a bird’s eye view above the course, and needless to say, the checkered flag is awarded to the driver who completes the required number of laps first. Beyond this simple objective though, anything goes. The vehicles can be equipped with weapons and upgrades purchased with race earnings, enough to make the Batmobile look like a Volkswagen. Shooting missiles, laying land mines, ramming other drivers, and taking discreet shortcuts are all within the rules. Often, the most unscrupulous driver is also the most successful. For those looking for a more traditional driving experience, however, these vehicle enhancements and combat options can be toggled off.

The game controls are quite simple, with only the four directional keys and a fire button to worry about. However, it will take a few play sessions to master the techniques of turning and rounding tight corners. It is very easy to lose control of your car, and early on I gained a significant amount of experience driving in the wrong direction. The computer players, of course, are all expert drivers, so it will require some practice and patience before you start winning some races. For the most fun, however, you must try Slicks n Slides multiplayer option. There are keys allocated for up to four players at one computer, but unless your keyboard is much bigger than mine, you will have some trouble squeezing in four average-sized players. If you don’t mind a being a little squished though, multiplayer games offer past paced, chaotic racing action, and is a barrel of laughs to boot.”

Excellent gameplay, graphics, and sense of humor combined to make Slicks n Slides a must-have for every racing or action fan. Formerly distributed by Webfoot Technologies, the game is being sold on-line from the official site. Although there are plenty of tracks in the shareware version, the registered version ($20) gives you access to the superb track designer that lets you create your own tracks. Download the shareware version today to find out why a small shareware game has attracted thousands of fans and dozens of fansites.

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