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Snack Attack II

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Michael Abrash



Copyright 1982, Funtastic

Another wonderful Michael Abrash classic, Snack Attack II is an enhanced Pac-Man clone that is no less addictive than the arcade classic. The goal, as we all know too well, is to gobble up gumdrops and other foodstuffs while avoiding the baddies. Collecting special foods allows you to gobble up the baddies in return. Not much different from Pac-Man, although I think the levels are more devilishly designed (i.e. there are many more deadends in the higher levels), and there are more types of enemies than the Atari game. Overall, a great arcade classic that you can’t really fault, except that it could have been a tad more original. Recommended.

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