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GAME DEVELOPER:Blackeye Software


Copyright 2000, Blackeye Software

Another maddeningly addictive coffee break arcade fun from Blackeye Software, Snowbrawl is a great game that pits you in a furious snowball fight in one or two player mode. You are Brian, a kid whom nobody likes, facing off all the other kids on one snowy day. To offset seemingly impossible odds with dozens of kids milling around the screen, you can build many structures to defend and attack, including snow catapults, snow blocks, snowmen, and more. As you progress through the game, your opponents increase in both number and speed.

As is the case with other games from Blackeye, Snowbrawl boasts excellent cartoon-style graphics, sound effects, and addictive gameplay. The game even includes some strategic elements: similar to The Horde, you have about 8 seconds to build snow structures at the beginning of each level. When the action phase begins, you will be quickly overwhelmed with hordes of Brian?s enemies, who throw meaner snowballs than their age may suggest. The fight lasts until all enemies fall down, and you move on to the next level. The action is fast, fun, and quite addictive. Blackeye recently bundles the game with the two-player cooperative version, which adds more levels, a snowplow, a final boss, and a true ending.

Overall, Snowbrawl is another idea game to while away those 10-15 minutes coffee break. Make no mistake, though, the game does get very challenging and involved on later levels. With easy-to-learn interface, funny animations, and overall polish, Snowbrawl scores another hit (no pun intended) for underrated developer Blackeye Software. Two thumbs up, way up!

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