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Copyright 2002, Twisted Pair

SnowMotion is a great freeware brainteaser from independent German developer Twisted Pair. The premise is so unique and innovative that its hard to believe nobody has come up with it sooner: your goal is to make a snowman by rolling balls of snow and stacking them up on top of each other. You need three snowballs of varying sizes to make a complete snowman and advance to the next level.

As with all good puzzle games, SnowMotion is not as simple as it sounds. Each level starts with one or more small snowballs on the ground, which you must roll onto snow-covered ground to make it bigger. If you roll the snowball onto any ground thats not covered with snow (for example, a walkway), your ball will shrink (i.e. some of it has melted away) and youll be wasted one step. Since you cannot roll balls pass each other or through obstacles like fences, you must carefully calculate the optimum path to create a snowman in as few steps as possible. Its all too easy to get irrevocably stuck in this game, thanks to some devious ball placement and level design.

The game keeps track of how many moves you make, but fortunately there doesnt seem to be a limitation on the maximum number of moves you can make (perhaps there are at higher levels.. I just havent got there yet ;) ). The game includes a level editor you can use to make your own levels, and there are already many fanmade maps you can download from the official site. The game is in German, but knowledge of the language is not necessary to enjoy this game, given the low learning curve and transparent interface (basically arrow keys move your character or roll the ball, and the mouse is used to access menu options). SnowMotion is a great game for anyone who enjoys brainteasers, especially unique ones that impose no time constraints. Two thumbs up, way up!

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