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Copyright 2001, Pete Shinners

It indeed does not take all that fancy multimedia or a billion of features to create an enjoyable game. It takes nothing more than a little spaceship going around in cardinal directions, boxes to collect and four mindless baddies shooting lethal fireballs. SolarWolf is a remake of the old Atari console game SolarFox, sporting hi-quality presentation and is ported to numerous platforms, all for free.

Yup, it’s one of those simple games based on reaction and hand-eye coordination, and boy, is it fun to play. You’ll have to watch the four cannons (or dragon heads? ) closely – you can see when they’re about to fire, which is actually some brilliant game design – and look out for multiple fireballs at the same time to navigate a clear path through. Quick fingers and a bit of a bit of tactics are your only weapon. Gather the boxes in one try under the time limit and you’re allowed a level skip.

SolarWolf is sufficiently addictive and challenging. You’ll be able to continue from every few levels you’ve managed to beat, so the game wont’ be too frustrating when it comes to making progress. Perfect for when you have few minutes to waste or don’t care for playing anything complicated at all.

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