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Spider-Man: The Sinister Six

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Byron Preiss Multimedia

GAME PUBLISHER:Byron Preiss Multimedia

Copyright 1996, Byron Preiss Multimedia

The Sinister Six is a thoroughly bad adventure game adaptation of the hit Spider-Man franchise. Following the plot of the comic book of the same name, the gameplay is straightforward: choose what you want to do next from a menu of multiple choices, and follow to the next screen where you will play one of the extremely simple mouse-driven mini arcade games. Some are so simple, in fact, that you can complete them without really knowing what you are doing.

Despite decent cartoony graphics and an okay plot, the gameplay is so laughably simple and easy that the ‘game’ portion is almost nonexistent. In contrast to the much better Spider-Man game years later by Activision based on the hit movie, this Byron Preiss game turns a blockbuster franchise into a horrible game that poses no challenge and offers no fun whatsoever. If you can treat it as a shoddy interactive comic book with some banal action sequences, perhaps you will be compelled to finish The Sinister Six. But otherwise, steer clear of this Real Dog that contributes nothing to the history of games – except as one more proof of how bad comic book/movie-based games usually are.

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