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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Virgin Interactive

GAME PUBLISHER:Virgin Interactive

Copyright 1991, Virgin Interactive

Spot is a fun Othello-style game starring 7Up’s Spot character. In this board game for one or two players, your objective is to occupy as many tiles as possible by placing your pieces on the board. You can either move one or two spaces at a time. When you move one space, your piece will multiply itself into the new tile; jumping two spaces means simply moving your piece. Whenever you land on a tile next to your opponent, all his/her adjacent pieces become yours, changing to your color. The pieces morph into 7Up mascot when you move them, but that’s about the extent of using this licensed. The computer AI is decent, and offers a good challenge. Overall, a nice board game that could have used the Spots more extensively than several cute animations. Othello experts and fans of this type of game should take a look. And if you think this one looks suspiciously like the skulls board game in The 7th Guest, here is a neat bit of trivia: both games were designed by Graeme Devine, who left Virgin to form Trilobyte :)

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