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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Pawel Slawinski



Copyright 2001, Paweł Sławiński

Spych is a fun freeware logic game by a freelance Polish designer that provides many hours of puzzle-solving fun in under 100KB of space. The game is reminiscent of X-Land/Epics shareware game Adventures of Robbo, in which your goal is to collect all the computer chips on each level. Things are not as simple as they seem, of course: there are locked doors you must collect keys to unlock, crates you must push in the right direction to get to those keys without trapping yourself, as well as nasty obstacles that can kill you. The game has 31 progressively more difficult levels, the last few of which are truly fiendish ;) Anyone who enjoys our Hall of Belated Fame entry Elements will probably find Spych a fun and challenging freeware underdog. My only gripe is that the players tank moves a tad too slowly across the screen, although that could be due to sound incompatibility problems with my computer. If you love brainteasers, you cant go wrong with trying out this small but fun gem. Highly recommended!

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