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Star Empire

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:First Row Software

GAME PUBLISHER:First Row Software

Copyright 1988, First Row Software

One of the rarest games ever made – for PC and other 8-bit systems – is First Row’s first release, and one of the first “space opera” adventure games that StarFlight would take to new heights. In Star Empire, you basically pilot a starship from an overhead perspective, shooting baddies and taking various missions on cue from the game. Game mechanics is very simple, and vector graphics makes it look like a souped-up version of Space War. Still, as a pioneer of space adventure games, Star Empire deserves its place in the annals of computer gaming – although its influence is debatable because the game is so obscure, even in 1988. Recommended as a nostalgic trip for die-hard fans of space games.

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