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Stargate Adventure

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2005, Sektor 13

Stargate Adventure is a fun fanmade adventure game based on Stargate SG-1 TV series. Despite some awkward sentences due to the fact that the designer is not a native English speaker, plenty of neat how-does-this-alien-artifact-work puzzles and cool storyline more than outweigh this downside. The game lets you switch between three main characters from the TV show at any time, and their jovial banter – that is true to the TV show’s spirit – keeps the game lively and atmospheric. The game starts with that most typical of all sci-fi beginnings: the away team is sent to explore on an alien planet. Along the way, you will find and fiddle with many alien devices, and many puzzles require collaboration between team members.

Excellent VGA graphics, fun puzzles, and interesting storyline makes SGA highly reminiscent of Lucasarts’ classic gem The Dig. With more polished grammar, this game would have ranked among the best freeware sci-fi adventure games ever made. As it stands, it is still worthy of our Top Dog tag. Highly recommended to sci-fi fans everywhere.

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