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Strong Lines

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs



GAME PUBLISHER:Homebrew Software

Copyright 1994, Mad Data

Strong Lines is a decent Qix clone – basically the same game as Silk and Gal Pani X (both reviewed on this site). Presented with an empty picture window, your objective is to draw lines to uncover the picture while avoiding collision with the points of light that bounce around the screen. To make things more challenging than your average complete-the-picture game, Strong Lines forces you to race against the clock. If you find the game too hard, you can change the difficulty level from the main menu. The pictures you get in the game are decent VGA photos – although I’m sure some would say they are not as – cough – exciting as the ones in the aforementioned two games ;) Strong Lines is worth a look if you like this kind of game, but really is nothing special.

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