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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Pieter Simoons



Copyright 2001, Pieter Simoons

Have you ever tried SubTerra? You should, if you like puzzles and brain-teasing games! Here’s a game that can be appreciated by people of all ages, provided they enjoy the manifold challenges posed by this game halfway between a puzzler and a treasure hunt. Swiftness and reflexes also play an important role, along with thought.

A high number of tutorials will quickly enable you to become familiar with the game features. An exhaustive list of the over 100 game-objects (including cloners, traps, rocks, skulls, bombs, lasers, gems and other, even more interesting devices) explains in full detail the properties of each diversion. Absolutely a non-violent game, SubTerra offers a user-friendly level editor, which will enable you to create your own levels. You can plan all sorts of schemes, itineraries and surprises, setting your creativity at work. Then have other players try and solve your own levels by taking part to the yearly contest for the best homebrew level! The jury, formed by Radiant and his closer collaborators and friends, will reward a free new game by Crystal Shard to the winner. And even if you don’t win, enjoy the pride of having your levels included in a free expansion pack! The variety of the levels available is astounding and the different combinations of the game-objects is impressive, both in terms of inventiveness and of graphics!

So far, more than 250 levels can be downloaded (origional set + expansion packs) but they can be counted up as twice as many since you can play them both on Easy Mode and on Hard Mode (this last mode having some time restrictions or a higher score required). Surprises do not end here! There are secret levels to be discovered and mastered! And secret words to win over the levels more easily! A Forum is available to discuss levels, ask questions, comment on the game. A Hall of Fame on the Internet gives you the occasion to tell the world how good you are!

Exciting and relaxing at the same time, SubTerra is guaranteed to provide you with many hours of pure enjoyment and fine entertainment, enhancing your ability to project, to solve problems, to create your own treasure hunt. With so many levels, you will never be stuck in a dead end, and there are so many different types of level that you’re bound to be good at some of them! The game is produced by Crystal Shard, a small Dutch firm, and can be downloaded from The free demo contains 20 of the 50 levels in the origional game, and registering, for only $20US, gives you access to all 50 as well as all the downloadable expansions. Don’t lose this chance of sheer enjoyment! SubTerra is NEAT!

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