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Super Ken Senshi

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Fallen Angel Industries


Copyright 2003, Fallen Angel Industries

Super Ken Senshi is yet another superb freeware release from Fallen Angel Industries, one of the best “Klik” designer groups. Aside from excellent anime graphics and animations that FAIND usually delivers, SKS has a multiplayer mode: you can play this vertical shooter simultaneously with 3 other players over the Internet. The multiplayer mode plays well, and I hardly notice any lags. There is a downside, though: there are no “boss monsters” in this game. This will surely disappoint fans of traditional shooters, where you can expect to find tough new bosses at the end of every level. In SKS, the levels are basically the same – the game just keeps throwing new enemies at you. This means that once you have collected every weapon in the game and fought all the enemy ships, there is little reason for a rematch. This relatively low play value is a pity, since SKS offers such a fun multiplayer mode and fluid gameplay before it gets repetitive. It is still a Top Dog in my book because whatever there is, is very good – although die-hard action gamers who expect a lot of replayability in their shooters will definitely be disappointed after the first hour with this one.

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