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Super Mario XP

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2003, CnC Darkside

Super Mario XP is a great Super Mario clone from japan. While the graphics is not as good as Nintendo’s original – Mario looks like he has lost a few pounds, and the color palette is far too drab for the cartoon style – the gameplay is very faithful to the original.

One reason for the subdued colors is the setting of this adventure: Mario has been transported to the nocturnal world of Konami’s Castlevania series, inside a dark castle in Silmaria that belongs to a certain famous count. You will still find hearts, different kinds of mushrooms, pipes, question mark boxes, and other bonus items that Super Mario fans will be familiar with, but the levels are different enough and no less fun to play through than Nintendo’s classic. Super Mario fans, eat your heart out with this superbly coded, faithful fanmade game from the same designer who made G-Type, a great R-Type clone reviewed on this site.

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