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Super Methane Brothers

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Mark Page

Super Methane Brothers is an excellent unofficial PC remake of the fun Amiga 1200 game of the same name. The game is similar to Bubble Bobble in looks and gameplay: you control two cute cartoon characters who use methane gun (instead of bubbles) that fire gas to capture enemies.

This PC remake (which has been endorsed by the original developer) is very faithful to the original, offering great graphics and sounds as well as captivating gameplay. The game is fast, fun, and furious, with many power-ups, tons of baddies, and more. Unfortunately, some of the original game’s features aren’t yet implemented in this PC version, such as the simultaneous two-player mode, pause codes, and joystick control. Similar to the original, you also can’t save the game – a minor annoyance that isn’t too frustrating because the game isn’t very difficult (besides, you can collect cards to earn extra lives).

With attractive graphics and addictive gameplay, Super Methane Brothers is ideal for whiling away a few minutes at a time in a fast-paced environment. Thanks to the game’s original programmer Mark Page who took the time to convert this underdog, PC gamers now have a chance to play a great game that Amiga fans have enjoyed. Highly recommended!

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