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Super Ski Pro

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1996, Microids

Super Ski Pro is the last game in Microid’s long line of winter sport games that never seemed to attract much attention – largely because they are not very good. Not for the lack of trying, though: Microids consistently improves the graphics and introduces new options in each new Super Ski game, and this one is no exception. There are 4 playing modes (Training, Competition, Championship mode 1 or mode 2), multiple difficulty levels (from amateur to professional), and 7 most popular winter sports: Downhill, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Snowboard, Snowboard Slalom, Ski Jump, and Bobsleigh. If you choose to enter the competitions, you will have to climb from the amateur league to the top professional league before you can win the cup. You can even compete against up to 3 other human players, although this requires each player to use a different control device to play on the same computer.

The gameplay, like previous Super Ski games, is fun for a while until the repetitious elements begin to surface. The skier you control still looks “blocky,” with awkward movements, but it is still much better than previous games in the series. Aside from improved graphics, other bells and whistles are also added. Sound effects – particularly after a crash – are excellent, as is the animated computer presenter who comments on your performance and reports whether you are moving up or down the league. Unfortunately, Super Ski Pro still suffers from the same problems that plague its predecessor: the game is far too easy, and everything looks the same. The only events that look different from the rest are Ski Jump and Bobsleigh – the other events look too much alike with your skier against generic background graphics that looks the same for all 8 tracks. All in all, Accolade’s classic Winter Challenge and Epyx’s Winter Games still look and play better than this slightly above average underdog despite being many years older. Not recommended, unless you like easy skiing games and don’t mind blocky graphics.

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