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Supremo 99

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Malcolm Howard



Copyright 1999, Malcolm Howard

Ostentatiously one the best soccer management simulation for DOS, and a precursor to ambitious Sick As A Parrot (SAAP). Supremo 99 has just about everything a soccer sim fan could hope for: hundreds of teams, statistics and information about almost everything, players’ different abilities, full season simulations, etc. You can play UK league, international tournaments, or a combined version of the two. Player drafting, recruiting, training, and more are modelled quite realistically in the game, and tactics do make a real difference on the pitch. With more options than you can shake a stick at, the ability to edit most options, strong realism, and an all-around solid presentation, Supremo 99 is a must-have. If you like the game, also check out SAAP, the shareware Windows successor that is enjoying a growing following among soccer fans. Good, but not as good as Football Fanatic.

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