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Tales of The Float Land

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, Compile

Tales of the Float Land is a fun demo of a unique anime RPG/board game hybrid that plays like a cross between a simplified version of Magic: The Gathering and Life board game. The goal of the game is simple: reach the exit before the other two computer-controlled characters. Your character, a cute little female fighter, is represented on the game board, which comprises of tiles, colorful backdrops, and various items, such as treasure chests.

Similar to most parlor board games, you use a spinner to move the number of tiles you can move is the number the spinner stops at. Cards, eight of which are given when you start the game, represent your abilities, attacks, and actions you can take. When you encounter a monster on the board, the game zooms into close-up view of the battle similar to most console RPGs. In battle, you and the monster take turns to fight via choosing an attack card. Once you select one, you can’t use that card again during that battle. You can collect cards that increase hit points, give special powers, etc. These are won in battles or hidden in treasure chests. Although all the text is in Japanese, Tales of the Float Land is easily learned and mastered, although you wont understand what the monsters say before each battle.

With colorful anime graphics, great soundtrack, and a unique and fun gameplay that combine RPG with board game elements, Tales of the Float Land is an enjoyable light RPG/puzzle hybrid that is great for whiling away a few coffee breaks. Two thumbs up!

Note: this download is a one-level game demo appeared on volume 15 of Compile’s Disc Station, a popular game magazine + CD pack that is distributed only in Japan. If anyone has the full version of the game, please let me know!.

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