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Copyright 1999, Gremlin

It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s baaaaad. As you could expect from the same team that designed Lemmings series (DMA Design, which was bought out by Gremlin), Tanktics is a uniquely designed and fun to play strategy game. The premise: travel through four eras battling your foe with tanks and weapons made from various bits and pieces. A crazy contraption called the Parts-O-Matic produces the weapons you need and helps you to upgrade your weapons and tanks.

The primary resource in Tankticsis sheep. That’s right, sheep. You must collect sheep to run your Parts-O-Matic. Treat them well and you will prosper. Just keep those precious sheep immune from the disease carrying and trouble causing black sheep. Every level is uniquely designed and each offers it’s own diverse set of challenges. The fantastic tutorial easily teaches basic strategy and the simple and intuitive controls of the game.

DMA Design’s cheeky humor that characterize Lemmings shines through in every way in this hilarious outing that offers sheep thrills for everyone. If you love Lemmings, you will definitely enjoy this latest quirky offering from the same team.

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