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Teracom Digital TV

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Copyright 2000, E-Game

Each new promotional game release from E-Game gets better and better, and Teracom Digital TV is no exception. Sponsored by Swedish telecom giant Teracom, Teracom Digital TV is a fun puzzle game. The goal is as follows

“Your mission is to make sure that the digital TV signals from the antenna reaches all the houses in the area. When the time limit (s?ndning) reaches zero, the transmission will start. There are four different deflectors (one for each direction) and you have to place them right in order to succeed. You pick up deflectors (under the antenna) by clicking on them once and then place them out by clicking again. If you make a mistake, you can always delete or change misplaced deflectors. This, however, will take some time and you will get less points. The signals can’t travel through rocks or deflectors that are placed in the wrong way.

When you are satisfied with your construction, you can click once on the top of the antenna to pre-start the transmission, and twice to speed it up. The sooner you start the transmission, the more points you’ll get. The signal always start at the top right corner and moves leftward. You only have one chance of success, so you better plan your moves well!”

Overall, Teracom Digital TV is a surprisingly addictive puzzler that is perfect for a few minutes’ worth of brain exercise. Highly recommended!

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