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Copyright 1998, ORT

TerraFire is a fun arcade shooter featuring excellent ray-traced graphics and smooth 360-degree parallax scrolling. As the games description says, you will pilot a ship …through heavily defended underground caverns, past wind tunnels, fire-walls and subterranean lakes. Recover stolen nuclear pods using your ship’s tractor beam and carry them back to the planet surface and beyond into hyperspace.

The game is quite a lot of fun, although the controls are hard to get a hang of. The demo version lets you play 8 out of 27 missions in the registered version. The 360-degree scrolling is very smooth, although the action is not as frenetic (or fun) as Zone 66, Epics underrated shooter. TerraFire is a lot of fun, but may not be worth the somewhat steep $19.95 price tag for the registered version. Play the demo first to see if youll like it enough to pay the full price. The game is a well-deserved winner in the “action/adventure” category of ZDNet’s 7th Annual Shareware Awards. Thumbs up!

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