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Thinking Games 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1993, Compedia

Thinking Games 2 is a great collection of mini-games designed to teach kids about world geography and different cultures. There are many ways to learn while having fun in this game. Kids can solve dozens of jigsaw puzzles and read up on basic facts for the country the picture is based on. Another mini-game (in my opinion the best one) asks kids to assemble the correct costume and building for the given country (for instance, the Chinese garb and pagoda for China). There is a maze-solving game that seems out of place, because it does not really teach anything about geography. Regardless, Thinking Games 2 is a great way to learn geography and world cultures for kids of all ages, thanks to the fact that you can change the difficulty level for every mini-game. The graphics are colorful EGA, and the game even includes some digitized speech and excellent on-line help. Recommended!

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