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Tiler’s Torment

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1998, Gerry Quinn

Tilers Torment is an original and fun variation of your typical jigsaw puzzle game. The object of the game is to arrange polygonal tiles into a pattern so that the colors at every edge match. As the official description says, …the tiles can be generated in ten different tesselations (patterns). You can edit the puzzles in many ways, creating your own patterns to any specifications you desire. So you have infinitely many puzzles, as hard or as easy as you want. Of course all the options you expect such as tile rotation and auto-solving are there – mostly accessable via the easy-to-use toolbar.

With an infinite number of puzzles, varying difficulty levels, and a great variety of tile patterns especially in the registered version, Tilers Torment is one of the most original and enjoyable arrange-the-tiles games I have ever come across. The game is well worth the $9.95 price tag for the registered version (and several value bundles are available), although the free shareware version already provides hours of fun. Highly recommended!

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