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Time Paradox

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1996, Flair

Time Paradox is an average adventure game from Flair, released only in Europe in 1996. When the FMV (full motion video) fad is in full swing with dozens of horrendous FMV-based adventure titles released (with a few exceptions including Gabriel Knight 2 and Pandora Directive), Flair bucked the trend by releasing this ?old school? adventure with hand-drawn backgrounds, inventory-based puzzles, and the familiar LucasArts-style action menu (look, take, etc.). Unfortunately, being old-school doesn?t necessary mean ?good? ? Time Paradox? plot is too mundane (another time travel story with no frills), the puzzles too standard and easy, and the writing too banal to hold any adventurer?s interest for long. If you enjoy adventure games in general, Time Paradoxmay provide a few hours of mild entertainment (it took me less than 5-6 hours to solve). If you don?t want to waste time with a below-average game, on the other hand, give this one a miss.

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