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Tomak Save the Earth, Again

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Seed9 Entertainment

GAME PUBLISHER:Seed9 Entertainment

Copyright 2001, Seed9 Entertainment

Tomak Save the Earth, Again is a fun side-scrolling shooter in the same style as popular Metal Slug series. Developed by Korean company Seed 9 Entertainment, TSTEA was released in limited quantities only in Korea and Japan, and was much more successful as a handheld game on Korea’s answer to Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance.

The game stars several “SD” (i.e. shrunken heads) anime characters from Seed 9′s earlier game which had nothing to do with the action genre: the first Tomak game was a unique and weird life simulation, which lets you ‘cultivate’ several potted-plants-with-human-head creatures. Think of it like a cross between Tamagotchi and Princess Maker games, but much weirder than both.

If you think this sequel cannot be very strange because it is just a straightforward shooter, think again. True, the action is familiar, but the potted plant people, weapons they use, and enemies they encounter are creative to say the least. Background graphics and stage designs, similarly, are very detailed and refreshingly innovative. If you love console platformers from Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, etc.), you will probably like this charming shooter from Korea. My only gripe is that the first few levels are a bit too easy. Highly recommended!

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