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Toyota Celica GT Rally

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, Astros

Despite endorsement from one of the world’s leading auto makers, Toyota Celica GT Rally is still a pretty poor rally racing game. The partly 3D, partly bitmapped graphics looks okay, and I also noticed nice PC speaker music, which actually sounds better than the ADLIB one. But other than these bells and whistles, Toyota GT Rally doesn’t have much to boast in the gameplay department. Car handling is decent, but the serious lack of consideration for real-world physics means that it feels more like you’re driving a rocket (or, say, a hovercraft) than a car. The tracks are uninspiring, and the tournaments are too easy to beat– just hold down the accelerate key for as long as you can. Not recommended at all, unless you’re a die-hard racing fan who must own every game in the genre ;)

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