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Traitor’s Gate

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Nigel Papworth

GAME DEVELOPER:DayDream Software

GAME PUBLISHER:Dreamcatcher Interactive

Copyright 2000, Daydream Entertainment

Codename: Raven. Your mission: Infiltrate the Tower of London and swap the crown jewels with fakes in order to prevent a war. This sets the mood for Daydream’s Traitor’s Gate, a suspenseful yarn that grips you from the start. Similar to Daydream’s earlier title, Safecracker, Traitor’s Gate is more challenging and much less esoteric than it’s predecessor. The gameworld is immense and almost accurately depicts the Tower of London. Be warned though. The building abounds with security systems and guards. If they catch you, your mission is over.

The graphics are beautiful and superb lighting effects add to the atmosphere. The only downfall here is that some areas of the game are so dark that it is easy to miss a major clue. The puzzles are of the safecracking variety. You can gain clues by scanning or photographing artifacts and museum exhibits into your PDA.

Navigation of the Tower’s multiple rooms and levels are done primarily through the London sewers. Unfortunately this crudely conceived, imbecilic, and tedious transportation system mars enjoyment of the game. The lighting in the sewers is so dim and the textures are so similar that navigation is near impossible.

Traitor’s Gate claims to have 1200 paths, but there is only one winning avenue. While it is an interesting mix of the strategy and puzzle genres, a few obscure puzzles and a dry presentation hinder Traitor’s Gate from being a true classic.

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