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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, Rage Software

One of Rage Software’s most obscure games, Trash-It is a decent platformer that injects a few puzzle elements into the tried-and-true side-scrolling platform formula. The game is still pretty much a basic action game, but the action is at least enlivened by creative level design and enemies — similar to Earthworm Jim games. As with all other Rage titles, the graphics is superb: the characters look like “3D cartoon” creatures out of Pixar’s Toy Story movie, and there’s plenty of humor along the way to keep things fresh. The game is built around the idea of construction sites (your character is a hardhatted workman with a huge hammer in hand), and so the levels and items are designed with this theme in mind. You will have to deal with various roadblocks, construction signs, and other perils that come with the job. Overall, Trash-It is a decent platformer that’s certainly well worth a look, although repetitive levels in later parts of the game make it far from being Rage’s best work.

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