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Copyright 2002, Crysus

Trommy is a fun board game for one or two players, featuring smart AI and nice graphics. Similar to Othello or Reversi, your goal is to have more stones then your opponent at the end of the game. There are two types of move you can make: jump, and clone. Jumping is when you move a stone over one tile; all of the opponents’ stones that lie adjacent to your stone’s new location will become yours. Cloning is when you move a stone to an adjacent empty tile – this will ‘clone’ a new stone for your command. Two players take turns making moves until either a player no longer has any stone to move, or can make no possible move.

While Trommy is not particularly innovative, it is a very fun game that offers excellent AI – it takes me many tries to beat the computer, and I still cannot beat it consistently. Coded for Windows, the graphics is also very pleasant to look at, in 16-bit 1024×768 resolution, and the background music is also very nice. You can also play against a friend, and change the size of the playing field as well as the stones’ colors. If you like turn-based abstract board games, Trommy will prove a surprisingly playable and addictive game. Two thumbs up!

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