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ULTIMA VI: The False Prophet

Ultima VI: The False Prophet, released by Origin Systems in 1990, is the sixth part in the computer role-playing game series of Ultima. It was the last in the “Age of Enlightenment” trilogy.

Some years after Lord British has returned to power, the Avatar is captured and tied on a sacrificial altar, about to be sacrificed by red demon-like creatures, the gargoyles. The Warriors of Destiny suddenly appear, save the Avatar and collect the sacred text the gargoyle priest was holding. In Castle Britannia, the Avatar learns that the shrines of Virtue were captured by the gargoyles and he embarks on a quest to rescue Britannia from the invaders.


Ultima VI on the IBM PC


Ultima VI on the IBM PC

The game deals with cultural difference, and issues of racism and xenophobia related to this difference. It suggests in-game solutions to these issues, without trying to deny any basis for them.

This game ended the use of multiple scales; in earlier games a town, castle, or dungeon would be represented as a single symbol on the world map, which then expanded into a full sub-map when entering the structure. In Ultima VI, the whole game uses a single scale, with towns and other places seamlessly integrated into the main map; dungeons are now also viewed from the same perspective as the rest of the game, rather than the first-person perspective used by Ultima I-V. The game kept the basic tile system and screen layout of the three preceding parts, but altered the look into a much more colourful pseudo-isometric view, to take full advantage of the newly-released VGA graphics cards for PCs.




We chose to feature this part of the Ultima series as this, to me featured much more advanced graphics than the first five. Albeit the earlier ones were supposedly much better gameplay-wise…I don’t think anyone today except hard-core retro gamers could bare looking at the graphics of the older versions. Not that this is a push over in terms of game play. It’s a solid game that’s worth a look.

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